[ENG TRANS] Skeleton Flower, Chapter 1.


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that have drawn near

—from the day of parting—

can I go? and how long can i have you with me?” he asked her.

said nothing. merely embraced him quietly.

i’m asking you.

far have i come? and how long have you been with me?”


man had a strange habit.

when he became fiercely emotional, he had a habit of speaking
politely to anyone, regardless of their age, or his relationship to

truly are cunning at heart. when something is not mine, i want to
have it, yet when it comes into my hand, it withers like a plucked

was fairly quiet on olympic road after closing time. after finishing
her aggressive deadlines, the women went on her way home with her
long-time lover. the man in the passenger seat kept silent
throughout, until he finally brought up some nonsense story. this
too, while speaking politely.

he begins to talk, the woman turns off the radio, which was easing
the silence inside of the car. she shifted her eyes to stare at him.
she lets out a soft sigh, as if she was predicting how lengthy and
boring this speech would be.

man continued, keeping himself alive.

course, it’s reasonable for one to prefer bouquets of flowers,
decorated this way and that, to those stuck in the ground. but then
what? for the instant it is held, the flower, once passionate and
full of life, will soon begin to wither and die.”

lowered his gaze as the women, face impassive, spoke abruptly.

are you talking about this time?”

like you and i.”

man cut her off, frightened.

woman contemplated this for a moment, eyebrows knitted.

are you up to now?”

man could not hide the stench of discomfort as the woman scowled at
him. but whether he was tactless, or just decided he didn’t care, he
did not meet her eyes.

happens in films sometimes, y’know. love at first sight. time slows,
the world around them turns to black and white. ‘oh, god. is she
human? please, let me have her!!!’ they say bullshit like this, and
what’s worse, they find it romantic. soulmates don’t exist.”


women was driving her car down a small alley before he knew it.

love has the power to turn humans into fools, so what. when i first
met you, i was like that too. the problem is, whether that power
lasts or not. it depends on the person, but once it loses it’s
efficacy and they see each other as they really are, the gates of
hell open.”

strangely, the man seemed almost excited.

woman started to feel too distant from the man sat next to her. she
got the feeling that the man who loved her was disappearing.

but can you stop speaking politely? it’s cheesy, i can’t listen to

you can’t stand listening to the politeness that used to be
‘considerate’, what was once ‘pleasantly plump’ after eating is now
‘gluttony’, and even cute gestures just feel like annoying whining.
you see? there’s no spark when our eyes meet, we hate holding hands
because of the sweat, and kissing has become nothing more than force
of habit.”

woman couldn’t take it anymore. her voice turned sharp.

are you saying this? how do you expect me to answer? would you rather
i sigh at the end of your every sentence?”

man, who was staring straight ahead, finally turned his gaze to the

eyes were full of certainty. his pupils didn’t shake.

unfortunate. we were so fiery, how did our relationship cool down to

ambiguous temperature? not lukewarm, nor cold, but perfect for going


how long the two had been together.

became familiarity, familiarity became comfort, comfort became
boredom, boredom became fatigue, and nothing was stopping fatigue
from becoming hatred.

the man finished talking, the car stopped violently.

two had arrived at their destination.

that moment, the perfect conditions of a couple living in the same
neighbourhood, turned out to be the worst environment for a farewell.

we were in our prime, we couldn’t understand why those around us were
breaking up, why they couldn’t overcome their fatigue. but we aren’t
any different. shall i be honest? our situation is more severe. we
don’t have the will to turn each other’s fatigue into passion again,
you know?”

get to the end. i have a headache.”

woman rummaged through her bag and took out her painkillers.

now, we’re breaking up for the same reason as them.”

didn’t reply. simply clenched her medication case.

glanced at her, and said.

force your tears.”

woman chased down two painkillers with water.


swallowed her answer along with a third pill. the first two weren’t

gonna stop with the staring contest, waiting to see who’s gonna spit
out their goodbye first, and just go our separate ways now. for the
last time, i’ll whistle for you, the way you like. we’ll leave this
car, walk the opposite way, and when you can’t hear that melancholy
whistle anymore, we’re done.”

if to ease her headache, the woman slowly brought her head to the
handle of the car. she didn’t move after that.

man also kept his mouth firmly shut, and said nothing more.


woman muttered to herself.

much time had passed?


woman said when she eventually raised her head. as she spoke, she
slowly took off the ring she was wearing on the forth finger of her
left hand. the ring was a present the man gave to her on their 1 year
anniversary. a wish for love to last forever.


said, get out. go your own path, like you said.”

man looked as if he would say something, but quickly shut his mouth
and opened his car door.



man got out of the car, walked up his street, and the woman only
watched him go.


how long the two had been together.

was but a mask of a jester, a jester who would change its roles frequently,
who dedicated plenty of time to playing both of its parts. but “take
care” was a single farewell which, in an instant, had compressed
those 5 years into an ridiculously insufficient utterance.

she had no choice but to watch through the car window as he walked
away. she couldn’t go after him, grasp his hand and yank him around.
it was because of the moment their eyes met, the conviction she read
in those still pupils, she told herself. it was because, whether
through the memories of the two of them, or the tears of the moment, his
heart could not be changed, she told herself.

psychic ability of the two people who spent five years together, the
ability to read each other’s hearts simply by looking into each
others eyes, was presently insignificant. as of now, even that became

quiet street at night. even though she didn’t want to hear it, the
sound of a whistle reached her ears.

lines between the relief, hopelessness, sadness, and happiness inside
her were blurred. the woman let out a small chuckle and spoke to

whistle is unbelievable.”

liked the noise the man would make when he pursed his lips together.
sometimes, at the end of an intense day, she would whistle with him
until they fell asleep. in his arms, listening to that sound, kissing
his pursed lips, she could forget all the worries in the world. those
magical moments when they were the only two left, relying on each

could still hear the sound of the man’s whistle and his slow
footsteps, and to escape her memories, she hurriedly pressed the
button on the car radio.


sound of her phone’s dial tone trickled out through her speakers, and
the women leant back in her chair and covered her face with both

of all things……..”


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