whens jonghyuns comeback if taemin releases a repackage after super junior comeback in decemnber

there’s no confirmation yet that taemin is releasing a repackage. he just said he may be releasing another song; it could be a repackage, sure, but it could also be a digital single or something for station as well. sm has never released a repackage after the end of november and, minus super junior, there’s still a lot rumored to be coming from them before the end of the year. (a potential comeback from red velvet next month, a christmas release from exo, some sort of release from taeyeon.)

either way: the chances of jonghyun releasing an album this year are slim to none. his comeback is likely going to be in january so, even if taemin does put out a repackage around the end of november, jonghyun would probably come as soon as a month after that. all it really means is $$$$ for shawols.