and do you know why SHINee are in a lot of var…

and do you know why SHINee are in a lot of variety shows lately ? Usually it's for group promotions but I don't think they will released an album soon so is it just because every single member has some activities coming ? I'm surprised because it will be Jonghyun's 2nd appearence on TV lately so it looks like we will get a lot of promotions for his comeback (unlike last year) ! And finally, do you think the members are the one choosing to appeared in these shows or is it SM that are sending them

shinee don’t really appear on variety as much as they used to (meaning: as much as their did in their first few years) but they do a lot more than the idols from other sm groups. key is kind of a variety staple at this point – he’s more than developed a name for himself as a variety-dol and people invite him on shows often based on that fact alone. with sm specifically: it’s depends. it’s likely that they do get requests for specific members, but i also figure that it’s common for a pd to be like: “we want someone from shinee to guest” and they choose the members that either suit that show the best, or that make the most sense given their individual schedules. for example: the combination of jonghyun and taemin was chosen for wednesday food talk because taemin was finishing up his promotions for “move” and jonghyun’s concert had just been confirmed. for night goblin: the article confirming jonghyun / minho’s appearance focused in one jonghyun’s concert and the start of minho’s drama (both next weekend). 

and yes! it’s a pleasant surprise seeing jonghyun in two varieties so close together! it depends on what he’s comfortable with but not having to juggle nightly radio with solo promotions will likely open up the door to more variety opportunities during promotion.