💎 shinee world v 💎: dvd purchase guide

size: 152 x 212 x 30 (mm)
region code: all region
subtitle: chinese, japanese, korean
running time: roughly 220min
content(s): two disc, color postcard book
first pressing goods:
– poster (one per, randomized)
– six photocard (randomized) 

each online shop below is international (with the exception of 11st which is korea based but has an easily accessible english site which allows purchase around the world). before purchasing please make sure to see which shop works the best for your price range and location, as it varies by country. all prices listed are in usd and do not include the cost of shipping. click on the listed price to get redirected to the product page.

11st: $38.41
kpopmart: $37.50
kpopplus: $35.80
kpoptown: $36.90
ktown4u: $36.69

music plaza: $49.99