Regarding the absolutely heart wrenching way that Minho screamed out for Jonghyun and wept: I like to view this not as a sign that he is “not doing well” as I have seen many Shawols say, but rather that he’s, well…letting it out. This is something that’s VERY fresh and doing these domes is understandably extremely difficult. Being surrounded by tens of thousands of highly emotional fans and trying to be a comforting presence for them and for your fellow members, brothers, who are hurting just as much of you, is VERY hard for them. At least my opinion, it’s a good think that Minho was able to let his emotions out, and it doesn’t mean that he’s “doing worse than the others,” like I keep seeing all over Twitter. It simply means that he needed to release this hurt. I’m confident that when they all went off to change, Minho got some hugs and TLC from his members and staff. He’s going to be okay if we keep giving out our courage and love to him; I hope we as Shawols can learn from him that it’s okay and HEALTHY to let our emotions out by crying when we need to rather than keepjng a brave face all the time.