(180915) bumkeyk(q: kibum…i miss you&he…

(180915) bumkeyk
(q: kibum…i miss you….(anxious) what about bummie…???….
key: me too
q: what is hyung’s favourite clothing brand?
key: i’m not particular about it 💍
q: what song does kibummie listen to most these days?
key: i really 🐶 (t/n: slang for really and dog are homophones in korean) like drake’s new album 🙈
q: oppa you’re flustered because you’re receiving so many questions right now arent you? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
key: yeah…..i guess i shouldn’t do things i don’t usually do….👨🏼‍🔬
q: oppa oppa what do commga smell like?
key: dog tear smell
q: if you’re worried about teeth grinding you can get a device made at your dentist’s! (consultation go go!)
key: since i’m less tired now i don’t grind anymore
q: what market food would you like to recommend to shawols from amazing saturday?
key: boiled monkfish slices
q: kim cheol jin was hit
key: i know (t/n: dialogues from minho’s movie inrang)
q: bum-ah you know i’m always cheering on you right?
key: i know it’s always been that way and always will
q: it has already been 10 years of loving bummie ❣❣ i miss youㅜ
key: i know i know everything i miss you too