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There will never be a co-ed intergroup friendship quite like f(SHINee). Every time you see the members interact on camera they just seem so comfortable and relaxed and genuinely happy to see each other. They support each other’s careers and promote them when they have comebacks or solo ventures, not to mention the epic stage collab they had back in 2012. How many other groups could have had a co-ed collab like that without both their fanbases going absolutely mental in this day and age?

Why would you publish someone talking about a long-standing friendship then put these pictures up?  Both groups started as OT5 and WILL ALWAYS BE for MOST of their fans OT5!!  These pictures are offensive.


Amber being a fangirl and cheering SHINee on


Minho & Amber ♥  …. (meanwhile Kibum completely done with them in the background 😂)


He’s feeling freaKEY


Amber was jamming to Goodbye Summer till she noticed Jonghyun looking at her and burst out laughing.

The behind the scenes of SMTOWN SPECIAL STAGE in SANTIAGO Ep.1

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(181218) @ajol_llama (instagram story) (fx’s amber): thinking of you everyday. i’ll keep working hard. thank you, oppa. (source)


180406 smtown in Dubai


Who says Kpop boys cannot do something feminine while Kpop girls cannot do something masculine? NOTHING! I mean, here is the proof that girls can do masculine while boys can do feminine. Take your time to read this and I will be fully appreciated by that. Thank you. ~Queennie


it’s not the same without Minho ;__;