Category: birthday 2k20

a look at one of the birthday ads currently on display for jonghyun in seoul! this particular ad, which was purchased by @jongluvsup, is located near hyehwa station exit 4

the message on the ad reads: “spring is beautiful because it’s the season when you were born”. (source)

a subway advertisement for jonghyun’s birthday will be visible from april 1stapril 30th near hyehwa station exit 4 in seoul. more information can be found at the linked.

shinee world europe will be holding a cupholder event for jonghyun’s birthday from april 4thapril 10th at le bon chocho / chocolat bonbon in seoul. more information can be found at the linked.

birthday ad season has began! a japanese fan has paid for a banner to be displayed for jonghyun at subway line 4, exit 4, b8 of hyehwa station in seoul from march 23rd – april 22nd. (source)

the time has come again for fannstar’s yearly birthday project for jonghyun! as a reminder: fannstar (which is through the fact) actively allows fans to participate in the collection and donation of stars to help earn birthday ads for their favorite artists. from february 21st to march 29th they will be doing this for jonghyun. this will give the chance for ads for his birthday to be showcased in up to seven different locations starting on april 6th. these locations include: gangnam station wall, hongdae station, myeongdong lotte young plaza, cgv daehakro, hapjeong station, seoul subway line 2, and a tourist bus that travels through different areas of seoul.

stars can be collected and donated through the fannstar app on both android and ios devices. a tutorial on how to do both can be found here.