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a kind soul has fully subbed (in english) jong…

a kind soul has fully subbed (in english) jonghyun’s instagram lives from october 4th and october 20th, 2017. subtitles can be viewed by turning on closed captioning.

for those interested: shawols have discovered …

for those interested: shawols have discovered that jonghyun’s master degree thesis is publicly available through riss interational to be read online. the thesis was written for his graduate major in film and musical studies through myongji university. titled as “the study of imagery performing art stage”, the sixty-five page thesis was finished in february of last year.

though the thesis itself is entirely in korean, the abstract is available in both korean and english at the linked. a general description of the thesis can be found below:

the thesis primarily focuses upon the comparison of stage musicals and pop concerts. (“in this study, i tried to find the difference between the stage aesthetics difference of musicals and music concerts. the stage aesthetics of the musical is more spectacular than that of the popular music concert. these differences stimulate audiences, and may even lead to differences in the audience base.”) in doing this, he compares the musicals aida and black mary poppins with concerts held by exo and shinee (specifically the shinee world v tour).

enxrima on twitter provided a further details on this: he explained when shinee world concerts started and what the nicknames of each shinee world concert has been. at one point, he specifically mentioned taemin within the work. he explained what the functions are for opening and closing vcrs, and the stage lighting and laser use during “trigger” performances. he discussed exo’s origin story, their concept as a group, and the concept of their concerts. he did this with the two musical examples as well, providing in-depth analysis’s of both. between both, he focused upon five topics: the stage, stage lighting, videos, songs, and storytelling. he pointed out that musicals have a wider audience overall than pop concerts, and expressed his wish for pop concerts to develop a wider audience as well. he also expressed a wish for pop concerts to become as story driven as musicals. within his research data, he used age and gender chart data from concert ticket sales for both exo and shinee to showcase their audiences that their concerts have drawn in.

to download the full thesis (in korean) in .pdf form: click on the little button near the top of the page that reads 원문보기.

(181002) @1sun_z: [2017.05] #종현 콘서트vcr 지금 생각하자…

(181002) @1sun_z: [2017.05] #종현 콘서트vcr 지금 생각하자니 조금은 마음이 아픈 작업

(181002) @1sun_z: 쫑디 스테레오 테이블이랑 rewind 배경이네 📻…

(181002) @1sun_z: 쫑디 스테레오 테이블이랑 rewind 배경이네 📻🛀🔁

(death) (000000) username omitted: there was a…

(death) (000000) username omitted: there was a time when i went to their korean concert as a general staff, just awhile ago. although it was just a small role to guide the dressing room clearance, i was young at that time. shinee’s jonghyun was physically small, but i remembered him as a very small person (with a big heart). i was only a staff member who could get through; it was hot so it would be hard for me to prepare drinks and chocolate, but he gently touched me with a smiling face that looked good, and it was discreet (to cheer me up). in a sense, it may be a very small concern, but for me, it’s a good memory (that) i don’t want to forget. since that moment i knew how beautiful he was from the expression and speech – what a wonderful person jonghyun is.

whenever i’m listening to news about you i remember, once again, your lovely figure and i pray you are happy in heaven. may you rest in peace. (source: spoet04)

inspired (day ii) ♡ 171210어떤 기분이 들까 (i’m so …

inspired (day ii) ♡ 171210
어떤 기분이 들까 (i’m so curious) (watch full)
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(180820) @21catt: 종현 – 소품집(겨울/winter.ver) wor…

(180820) @21catt: 종현 – 소품집(겨울/winter.ver)

work by 21cat

#그림 #앨범커버 #21cat
#아트 #드로잉 #디지털페인팅
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#종현 #샤이니 #shinee #impression #winter

(180818) @21catt: 종현 – 소품집(봄/spring.ver) work…

(180818) @21catt: 종현 – 소품집(봄/spring.ver)

work by 21cat

#그림 #앨범커버 #21cat
#아트 #드로잉 #디지털페인팅
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#종현 #샤이니 #shinee #impression #spring

(170702) @21catt: 2017.7 work by elcat 일전에 외주…

(170702) @21catt: 2017.7
work by elcat

일전에 외주로 한 작업

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(180814) @21catt: 종현 – 소품집(여름/summer.ver) wor…

(180814) @21catt: 종현 – 소품집(여름/summer.ver)

work by 21cat

#그림 #앨범커버 #21cat
#아트 #드로잉 #디지털페인팅
#painting #impressive #art #여름
#종현 #샤이니 #shinee #impression #summer