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Mood bc we haven’t seen jinki for two weeks



it’s taemin’s turn but the camera gets too close

onew realises something is up

and they start giggling while the others continue to dance

striptaese: Like-minded Ontae can understand e…


Like-minded Ontae can understand each other’s thoughts

Onew: I’ll give you 4 characters.

Minho: It’s not fun if there’s too many

Onew: You won’t be able to guess it

Taemin: Ah, really?

Onew: BamBaDaTa!

Taemin: *Immediately* So Amazing



jjinkisboy: ♡ 넌 나의 천사야 161226 SBS Gayo Daejun


 넌 나의 천사야

161226 SBS Gayo Daejun





kyungiil:✨ gif battle vs. @portraitmv​  ✨ we…


✨ gif battle vs. @portraitmv​ 

week 2: First kpop group and mv: Shinee (+ Lucifer)

onthighsbelongtotaemin: 🎈🤣





Things I love About Kim Kibum

  • his smile
  • his pretty eyeballs
  • his voice when he sings
  • his voice when he sings in english
  • his voice when he raps!
  • his voice when he talks!
  • his dancing!!
  • his dancing!
  • his laugh
  • how he claps when he laughs
  • and needs someone to catch him
  • when there’s no one to catch him and he’s on the ground
  • the whole fuckin thing
  • those dimples
  • how he looks good with any hair style
  • how he loves his puppies
  • his kindness
  • his generosity
  • his compassion
  • how he reached out to a fan who was self harming, and checked up on her later
  • when he looks sexy
  • or cute
  • or soft and smol
  • his big yaoi hands
  • why is he always itchy?
  • when he eats
  • the way his lips move when he talks
  • his Halloween costumes are always 👌
  • y’all know he wrote ‘You and I’, right? so good
  • he’s always got cute jammies.
  • when he talks to us when he can’t sleep
  • when he’s being silly
  • his honesty
  • his smile
  • his butt wiggle in prism
  • any and all butt wiggles tbqh
  • his solo stages
  • his love of all different forms of art
  • that fucking undercut
  • his solo stages
  • his acting
  • how he gets shy when people compliment him
  • when he covers his mouth when he laughs
  • his grumpy face
  • his cute tum
  • his taste in fashion
  • even when i don’t like it or think it looks bad, he always fuckin owns it
  • or when he looks all preppy one day but then like an expensive hobo the next
  • little Disney boy
  • toheart era wassup
  • got damn minkey
  • the face he makes when he thinks something tastes really good
  • when he calls us his lil freaks
  • when he did the mom arm to boa
  • bathroom selfies
  • when he talks in third person
  • when he wears backwards caps it’s just fucking A plus man
  • he’s so fucking smart
  • his cute little butt
  • that face he makes when one of his pups barks loudly and he looks all surprised
  • getting to watch his English get better and better over the years
  • his fuckin cheeks
  • keycifer 4 lyfe yo
  • his smile
  • that jawline oh wow
  • when he’s bein childish i love it
  • when he auditioned the first time and didn’t get in, he was like no fuck you, and auditioned again and then got in
  • tell me what to do
  • dem Snapchat filters
  • when he was like “it’s not like our company made us do this” hahaha
  • when he called out all those losers who were spamming his kkt at like 5am, lol, calling them pathetic
  • prettiest girl ever
  • he brings his dogs with him to work a lot
  • during the ‘scandal’ when he “accidentally” liked Instagram posts, and wore his little charm to let us know everything was ok
  • his dancing
  • his creepy spongebob phone wallpaper Kibum wtf
  • his smile
  • the whole boy

Kim Kibum, as a whole is just

A+ individual.