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Onew: Did you do the paperwork?

Taemin: I did.

Taemin: Well, I tried.

Taemin: Well, I tried to want to.


SHINee as Flowers

Onew: Aster

Patience and elegance are two things this flower symbolize and two things Onew has needed to put up with SHINee’s weirdness this entire time. These flowers also are a symbol of being dainty and even though I believe he is hiding super strength, Onew is so cute and squishy it makes him almost seem dainty when in reality he could probably knock someone out with one punch.

Jonghyun: Lily of the Valley

These cute, bell shaped flowers symbolize innocence *glares at Cocktail and Moon* and kindness. Jjong is super small and his kindess is visible from a mile away, unless he is upset then get back. He may not seem that innocent from just listening to his music but his overall sweet heart and one look at his smile and sparkly eyes says different my dude.

Key: Chrysanthemum

These flowers mean wealth and honest which explain Key in a simple and fast manner. We know he has money and he shows it off by all those lovely outfits like this flowers 100s of petals and Key is honest even in times when he should probably just smile like everyone else; But hey don’t we adore him for it. Who else is gonna keep it real with us.

Minho: Amaryllis

These lovely red flowers mean pride, determination, and an unobtainable beauty. In Greek they mean “to sparkle” which if you’ve seen and unwhitewashed or as I like to call it “His Real Beauty And Looks Which People Need To Love Or Get Out” you know that this man does indeed sparkle. These flowers are some of the prettiest red flowers in my opinion but are often overlooked for red roses.

Taemin: Red Roses

Classic! Showstopper! Loving! Universal! That Bitch! Red roses are universally symbolic of love (mareopshi nal tteonabeorin tteonabeorin Baby Love seulpeume nal gadweobeorin gadweobeorin Baby) is the main symbol of these flowers along with desire (Hot, hot deo cheoncheonhi neoreul aetaeuge hal Hot, hot hangye eopshi deouk ppajeodeulgo shipge hal Hot, hot neoye shimhae mit geu goyoreul kkaeul nal Hot, hot deo weonhage dwel teni deo taoreuge dwae neon) are both easy to see when watching Taemin. Both him and red roses give off a seductive and loving vibe that only they can achieve and are iconic for it.

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He’s beautiful


Sorting hat: CHOI MINHO

Minho: *takes a step forward*

Sorting hat: HUFFLEPUFF

Minho: I didn’t even put it on yet?

Sorting hat: it’s the first day and you’re already making friendship bracelets

Minho: Never too early to start making memories!


SHINee – DXDXD – Jacket and Music Video Shooting Sketch


Taemin – Move (191231)


Mr.Destiny : 191231 EXplOration[dot] – CALL ME BABY KAI


ok since all of you taemin supremacists wanted me to remake this edit with Holy Water here it is!