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What a WOW Kim Kibum! Just WOW 😵🔥💕💕💕 . 18…

What a WOW Kim Kibum! Just WOW 😵🔥💕💕💕
181212 Kibaem – @kbsgayo IG Update
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herewegobebe: Pretty sure little Sian loves …


Pretty sure little Sian loves his ‘uncle’ Kibum ♡

hoshees: one of those nights – 181130


one of those nights – 181130

kibumon: 더 이상 센 척 안 해 | Inkigayo


| Inkigayo



181210 | kibum, minho & taemin went to send jinki off to military service ☆彡

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shineekey: [100311] SHINee Key’s Star Call …


[100311] SHINee Key’s Star Call

Key: Yes! Recently, when I was browsing around, Uh… I saw something that a fan posted. She said that in the song “Hello”, her favorite line was “I brought up the courage.” (Key’s 1st line) Then she asked, “Which part is your favorite, Key goon?” I… I… I…! 

Onew: I! 

Key: I! Ah… I!

Minho: My rap part.

Jonghyun?: Hurry up and say it, punk!

Key: I! I… Ah, which part do I like? Ah, from where…. I think the “Hello” part is my favorite.

Minho: I know (?)

Onew?: Baby, baby~

Key: I like the “Baby, baby, girl” part, too. Anyway, I like it all. Please continue to listen to it a lot since there are many good tracks. You can listen to Minho goon’s rap and Onew hyun’s parts, right? Jeon emen gabol- I said emen. Jeon eman gabolkkaeyo(I’ll get going now.). Bye! Please post a lot. We’re reading!

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Ranking For “The Most Wanted As Boyfriend”


01 Yoon Doo Joon (BEAST) 2931
02 Onew (SHINEE) 2045
03 Jonghyun (SHINEE) 1698
04 Nichkhun (2PM) 1533
05 Yang Yo Seob (BEAST) 1436
06 Lee Gi Kwan (BEAST) 1421
07 Lee Joon (MBLAQ) 1157
08 Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) 1119
09 Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE) 936
10 G-Dragon (BigBang) 874
11 T.O.P (BigBang) 716
12 Taemin (SHINEE) 666
13 Yong Jun Hyung (BEAST) 641
14 Taeyang (BigBang) 431
15 Jokwon (2AM) 406
16 Key (SHINEE) 394
17 Minho (SHINEE) 381
18 Seungri (BigBang) 365
19 Wooyoung (2PM) 353
20 Seungho (MBLAQ) 349
21 Siwon (SuperJunior) 347
22 Jang Hyun Seung (BEAST) 321
23 Kim Kyu Jong (SS501) 281
24 Kyuhyun (SuperJunior) 252
25 Heo Young Saeng (SS501) 231
26 Cheondoong (MBLAQ) 214
27 Lee Chang Min (2AM) 204
28 Heechul (SuperJunior) 201
29 Jung Jin Woon (2AM) 195
30 Junho (2PM) 175
31 G.O (MBLAQ) 173
32 Kevin (UKISS) 169
33 Donghae (SuperJunior) 164
34 Son Dong Woon (BEAST) 155

Source: Baidu SHINee Bar
Translation credit: ♀M☼nica♪
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SHINee World 2017 Fukui Day One–170128

Key: I didn’t design for this concert.
Taemin: Lonely…
Key: What?
Taemin: I’m lonely…. (laughs)

Cr. aionee_51 Trans: professorjjong