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(200211) bumkeyk — if you feel blue ,don’t think too much ! just admit your situation and enjoy

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(200118) bumkeyk — black and white

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translation: whew… 
(picture: keybum thirties is back / 30 years old is this for real / life starts at 30)

(message) 200103 shinee world japan site board update — new year greetings (source)
(onew: shinee world j, ha~ppy new year! though i’m a little sad! in the blink of an eye i’ve turned 30 (t/n: misoji in japanese), now i feel like having miso soup. this year i’ll be able to see you all in japan! i’m already nervous and excited! i hope it will be a good year for you, let’s greet each other with smiles!
key: hello shinee world j, this is key. happy new year! how was last year for you? for this to be an even better year, start the new year with your health in mind!
minho: everyone, happy new year! it’s minho. we see each other again this year. i’ve already started thinking about how to enjoyably spend time with you all then. please wait a bit more! i hope it’ll be a good year for you!
taemin: shinee world j, hello this billboard no. 1 taemin. i’m embarrassed i’m sorry. everyone, happy new year! applause~ last year i was able to meet many of you in japan so it was a meaningful year. i’m working hard so that we can make even more precious memories this year! please take care of me in 2020! i hope you’ll have a great year. let’s meet a lot! i love you~

(191229) bumkeyk — i wanna be just for you guys just for you

(191231) bumkeyk — happy new year