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(200328) lysn
translation: (post title) to my shinee world-nim.
salute!! this is marine corporal choi minho !! 
my shinee world-nim have you been well? are you still in good health and thinking of me a lot~? i’m writing to you because i was very worried about everyone and i missed you. i’m so very concerned. i’m really sorry that you’re hearing from me a little late. as always i’m very healthy and i’m doing my best at training, fulfilling my military duties so that our shinee world can sleep safely at night. there is no need to worry! after all who am i~ it’s choi marine.^^

i really miss you shawols! i miss you very very much!! cold winds have already blown past to give way to warm spring~ time’s passing by quickly and slowly. ^^ (i know you know what i mean by that~)

first of all, starting off 2020 in the military felt new and odd ~ in our youth the members would spend the new year with shawols so it was a little regrettable but i tried to console myself thinking about our times ahead !

there were many things that happened to me in the meantime ~ i participated in various trainings (it’s confidential so i won’t go into details ~ i hope you understand! i believe our shawols will understand..ㅠ) i spent my days meaningfully by making memories and thinking positively to make myself stronger. also in february i was promoted from private first class to corporal ~~ i was so happy to receive shinee world’s congratulations ^^ i naturally got promoted over time so i was a little shy to get congratulated for it. nevertheless getting promoted a rank higher to corporal increased my responsibilities as well, i felt that i should do my best for the remainder of my service!

as always i’ve been reading your letters one by one with so much gratitude, they move me and bring back memories that make me realise i’ve had many good things happen to me and that there are so many people on my side^^ and with this unconcealed feeling of pride i’ve been reading them well. 

on the other hand, i was sorry because i felt like i didn’t communicate with you a lot i’m so sorry. 

like i mentioned above, i miss everyone a lot and i’m also very worried. i’m curious if you still remember our promise to meet in good health!! i’m seriously healthy so don’t worry, you have to really look after yourself that’s the only way i’ll feel at ease.!

i think it’s an amazing and an arduous feat to feel the same way about someone over time. the fact that i’ve received support and concern in my life like this, that your heart has stayed the same… i think to have someone believe you without a sliver of hesitance is a huge bliss. thank you for giving me this bliss and heart fluttering feeling. i will definitely repay the happiness you have given me! i promise.

i pray that you spend a positive day without regrets and without getting sick. i’m always rooting for you because i believe in you, and i love you. my hope shinee world, i miss you.

2020.03.28. marine corporal choi minho

ps. i looked up at the sky today. though it was a little cloudy with a bit of wind, the sky was clear and high. when i look at the sky… many things come to mind. looking up with mingled feelings, i’m smiling without realising. i’m hoping that you spend your days happily and worry-free. you’ve worked hard today, thank you. i love you.

(the pictures are from) my private first class days… didn’t take pictures as a corporal yet~ will show you soon~^^

translated by romanceboys — take out with full credit

(200221) superm_jp
translation: from taemin
in 2020, i’ll be seeing you as superm first!! this year i want to cherish each and every moment on stage more than ever before. please do come and let’s have fun together~

(official) 200320 shinee world japan plus update — taemin

(official) 200320 shinee world japan plus update — minho





(200314) lysn
translation: (post title) did you receive sweets?
missing you all more today.. what is this feeling of regret..ㅜㅜ

(200306) shinee world japan site board update: key

(voice message / listen here)
key: good morning, this is key! it’s cold today as well. though it’ll be hard to get out of bed these days, please wake up have a wholesome breakfast and do your best for the day! dress warmly so that you don’t catch a cold.

translated by romanceboys