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200104 hun_starr ig story with Jonghyun

that sweet smile

✨💖 that adorable “annyeong”

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jonghyun ► favorite performances ► ‘juliette’ on yu huiyeol’s sketchbook (150123)

f a v o r i t e   b e c a u s e:   ① it’s an absolutely beautiful rendition of ‘juliette’ (i swear his voice is angelic) ② i’m in love with his overall outfit: the suit, the hair, the accessories (so so handsome) ③ he contributed the lyrics to this song (together with minho) ④ the lighting and editing itself is a piece of art, everything is put together so well


Here’s to the nights we felt alive. Here’s to the tears you knew you’d cry. Here’s to goodbye. Tomorrow’s gonna come too soon…” {}


Kim Jonghyun, Shinee’s true dancing machine



Dreaming a Dream {Halloween Special – Jonghyun}

Still I dream she’d come to me, that we would live the years together. But there are dreams that cannot be, and there are storms we cannot weather…

One day, after going out with her and her parents to a cafe, she had so much fun that she had forgotten to bring him back with her. No one ever came back to retrieve him. And so he sat in that chair and waited until the day she’d come back to him…


🎈 happy birthday jonghyun!! 🎈 april 8th 1990

I think of myself as not an adult yet. I personally think becoming an adult is quite another matter than just getting older. I think one becomes an adult when one becomes the good person that one defines as. – kim jonghyun [in his own words]


#종현아생일축하해 ♦ his derp



His Beloved

It hurts. It hurts, my closed heart, a lot, a lot. Oh, my honey, honey baby, what do I do?

She wasn’t supposed to be able to experience the same feelings that humans did, because her heart was different. That was how he created her. He told her that she would be unable to feel pain nor happiness. Even so, she was learning new things with each passing day. Since she was always at home while he went out, she would go through the things that were boxed up in the basement. The things she discovered were the woman’s belongings. Her pictures, clothing, jewelries, make-up, and ring. Realizing that the two of them resembled each other in many ways, she began to see and understand the way he acted towards her. When he was looking at her, he wasn’t really looking at her. He was looking at the woman that she reflected. The feelings he showed and his kindness wasn’t for her. It was for the woman that was no longer here…



What should I do? Without you in my life. It’s better to act like I don’t know, because like this the sadness is driving me insane