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191005 ✧ kai backstage at superm showcase 


SuperM Hollywood Pop Up : Opening Day


191009 SuperM instalive

TAEMIN parts in SuperM live
[They have finished their schedule in the US and it’s their last day there]

TM: Where is Baekhyun and Kai? (in English)
TM: We will be back soon so don’t be too sad. Wait for us for a little, okay?
L: Look forward to our tour
TM: Right, we have already started preparing for our tour. Amazing stages, amazing—there are lots of things that you guys will like so look forward to it and make sure you come, if not you are going to regret it.
TM: Shall we each say something?
TM > L: Do it in Chinese too, speak comfortably

(Lucas thanked fans)

TM: Xie xie (thank you in Chinese)
TM: I really… spend a really really happy and good time. It feels like these aren’t schedules but a kind of memory trip for me.
I am grateful to be able to do it with such good members and nice people. More than anything, I was able to communicate with fans in a while. I believe that there are fans who have waited for a long time in the US and through this opportunity,
I am glad that I am able to greet you guys. Other than that, I am also really happy to be able to make memories with you all. Till then, please do wait for us. Bye~
TM: Love you guys thank you!
TM: The billboard chart is coming in tomorrow and we are really very trembling and nervous… For some reason, it feels like there would be good results from it.
Thank you so much, everyone.
In case, it didn’t turn out that way, we really made good memories and were really happy, sufficiently thank you to you all.
TM: Then, it has been ‘We are SuperM!’
TM: See you next time~!

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Come ‘Jopping’ with us on the day of SuperM’s debut stage!


SuperM teaching Ellen how to jop 191009 The Ellen Show


 Taemin & Kai – The cuteness of these two 😭 ♡ 


(191009) ELLEN DeGeneres SuperM donate $50,000 to Ellen’s charity

So Marketing and Promoting is now defined as cheating…hmmm…interesting.

I think someone needs a dictionary.


Hot and handsome…


Hot and handsome…