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(200221) superm_jp
translation: from taemin
in 2020, i’ll be seeing you as superm first!! this year i want to cherish each and every moment on stage more than ever before. please do come and let’s have fun together~

(200211) superm — we’ll be on @jimmykimmellive tonight🔥🤘 who’s tuning in?!

(200111) superm — hi everyone, it’s superm! long time no see! do you miss us? because we miss you! see you soon at our tour!

(191121) superm — [superm special event ‘talk with superm’] 여러분 함께해주셔서 고맙습니다!!

(191119) superm — closing the first leg of our #wearethefuturelive tour at the iconic madison square garden! thank you so much for making such an amazing time with us!❤️

(191113) superm — we had a great first night of tour in dallas!! are you ready, chicago?? ⚡️

(191111) superm — we are off to a great start with our we are the future live👍 thanks for coming! texas, we love you!🤠


(191006) superm — members had a great time visiting #superm_hollywood_pop_up on the opening day! please come and enjoy it as much as you like tomorrow as well! 😎📌7080 hollywood blvd. la, u.s.a. /10.6 sun~ 10.13 sun/12pm~8pm

(191007) superm — #슈퍼엠 준비 완료! 😆 superm is ready! 😆